The painted horse project is one I started my senior year at Otis College. It is a concept I created to marry my love of the horse with that of photography and fashion. It also is a way to do what I love... collaborate! I love working with others and bouncing ideas off one another, and in the end have a beautiful finished project. It is an ongoing project with hopes of building a book of 50 plus painted horses. Horses are amazing and majestic creatures that give so much back to me, in so many ways, as they allow me to paint on them.

Elyse Busenbark

A horse as a canvas? A living, breathing mammal, very different than a human; a human canvas you can instruct: rotate your leg left, face the wall, rest your right arm over your head, etc. No, this is a mammal that will take little instruction, and needs to be kept occupied. A horse has a time limit and requires regular rewards in the form of treats!

But Kandace knows how to choose a canvas! My horse, Max, was calm, sweet, and easily occupied with sweets!

You also must paint with an audience - an audience of curious horse hands and stable folk. It’s performance art in that sense, and in a way, you wish to please.... so you put on a show!

Although I am schooled in the fine arts, including a bit of painting, I am not a painter, I’m a graphic designer, and painting on the coat of a horse is a very different experience. There is no erasing, there is little second-guessing yourself. You must paint! On the beautiful chestnut canvas of a horse, I chose to paint the image of a fantastic animal just as majestic - a fire breathing dragon in shades of metallic greens!

This was my one-of-a kind experience; out of my element, time restraint, performance... the finished piece of art ultimately recorded by Miss Kandace in the form of a beautiful photograph.

And it was amazing! It was awesome!

Dragon Slayer 1/1 40”x 40” Giclee Print
Elyse & Kandace with Max

JR Luat

“The idea of horse painting to me at first was unusual since it was something I have never done before. But when I was given the opportunity by Kandace, the experience was both wonderful and fascinating. It was such a great pleasure to work with Ace, a beautiful horse who gave me his time and his patience to paint on him. The time I spent on this project was absolutely a memorable one”.

Headless Horsemen 1/1 30”x 60” Giclee Print
Kandace & JR with Ace

Justine Serebrin

“I studied at Otis College of Art and Design. It was there that I met Kandace and had the great pleasure of being asked to paint on a horse. I like to think of the process of painting as an adventure, one that is initiated by me and continued with the imagination of its viewer. That adventure started with the paintings I did on two horses and came to life with each movement of the horse. With each turn of the head, flick of an ear, or swish of the tail, my art took on new meaning and a new way of how it could be viewed. This was an amazing experience that I will cherish for a life time.”

Justine was the first artist to embark on this crazy idea I had and helped me bring it to life - Kan

Ace 1/1 40” x 40” Giclee Print
Kandace & Justine with Ace
Listening in Color 30” x 30” Giclee Print